Monday, 10 November 2014

New beginnings!

I love new beginnings with all my heart!! New beginnings mean I can start all over, I can make new plans, set new targets, have renewed energy...basically everything new. At the beginning of this year however...I did not enjoy my 'new beginning'. I had a lot of pain in my heart. My dear husband took the children and I out of home to celebrate the new year but I just did not come round to welcoming this year. To was a beginning without a part of me. Being away from home did not do much for pain was with me tagging along to all my destinations! When the clock hit midnight, I was not excited at all...the fire works and the fan fare were just a blurr. I remember insisting that we pray as a family because even in my pain; I still trusted that God knew best even when it did not make sense to me. I usually call my parents and each of my siblings to wish them a happy new year but this time round...I just could not bring myself to performing my new year ritual. I locked myself up in the bathroom and cried my eyes out!! I only managed a message to my parents! Despite not having the happy 'new beginning' at the start of the year...God has handed me a new beginning towards the end of this year! No....I am not expecting :):)!! God has given me a new beginning in a new work environment. Although it was difficult saying goodbye to a place I have gone to each day of my working life for the last ten years, I am happy and grateful for this new opportunity. I have renewed energy....I am setting new goals for both my work and personal life. I am taking time to evaluate the past ten years and looking out for the things that I could add to make this new beginning very exciting. I want to see a different 'Me' five years down the road...not only in terms of work but also in terms of my person. In the past, I have probably whizzed through life never really looking out for other opportunities but I want to do more of the things that appeal to my heart....I am not getting any younger...ha ha ha! I am so excited and embracing this change with everything in me! My prayer is that God will be with me on this new path, he will watch over me and give me wisdom beyond what I can ever ask or even imagine! One of the things I continue to tag along with, is my new found interest in new borne health. I know its going to grow and I will be sharing all the information I get with all the parents out there! Just watch the space!


  1. Nice work Susan! Keep it up and keep posting on facebook so we can keep up-to-date!!! Miss you, we need to talk soon! keep well!

  2. Thanks Moses. I will be in touch.

  3. I bless the Lord for you.He really has our best interests at Heart. Isaiah 49.16, Be blessed Mukwano