Sunday, 31 July 2016

Moving on

I recently spoke to a friend of mine who I had not seen in ages! She was wondering why I had not written in a while. I guess I was still thinking about what to write but also… life got so busy. I promised her that I would try to write once a month…
As I begin a new decade, I am grateful to God for bringing me this far! For taking me through the past 40 years…through the hills and valleys. About two years ago in November 2013, a Colleague of mine visited me and shared his mum’s advice for one going through adverse circumstances. He said whatever circumstance comes your way, just say to yourself, ‘It could have been worse’. This according to his Mum would make you feel better and get you out of that pitiful state. At the time I heard this, I seriously wondered what could have been worse than losing my Ann-ma! I was so focused on my circumstances that I could not even think about anything else. I now know better… I do not know whether it is the presence of social media…but the rate at which women die during child birth is so alarming!! So could the situation have been worse? Depends on how you look at it however I am indeed grateful to God that I am alive and well.
Last year in October while at my cousin’s vigil, I met a lady who has been friends with my parents from my childhood days. She had a daughter who was not only my age-mate but also shared my name. I asked after her and she told me…, ‘Oh Susan died sometime back.’ She went on to tell me how she had lost five other children…all adults! As if that was not enough, she went blind!! Hearing her 6-month experience as a blind woman completely dependent on others made me so sad. As she recounted her story….I realised how much worse my situation could have been. How could one person go through all that?! Right there and then….I made a decision to move on. Thankfully, God restored her sight in one of her eyes. While she needs help finding her way at night, at least she can take herself around during the day. Her gratitude to God for restoring her eyesight even though not wholly made me realise how much I took things for granted!
Indeed, however bad a situation is, it may not be the worst after all. Getting to that point of realisation takes time and cannot be rushed….it all happens in God’s time. I am grateful to my husband, my children, our families and friends who have been by my side and have provided immense support to help me get to my new normal! I am optimistic about this new decade! I know there are better days ahead of me! Indeed, God makes things beautiful in His time.